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@lee Deleted your Twitter account?

Finally got my TAZ6 up and running again. I've had two fuses on this thing blow out already. Still need to come up with a better enclosure so that I can print the ABS parts for my VORON2...

gogs -> gitea upgrade went well! And my new Clueboard is working perfectly. I wish there was a split ergo case as well-made with a layout like the Iris.

It's pretty cool when you download a new project and realize that because it's a fork of something else, you have code in it. (Found a commit of mine in gitea just now.)

@lmorchard Just saw your blog entry about the Teensy2.0++ on the Model M! Did you ever carve yours up or do anything else?

Kicking the tires over here again. Anybody still on here?

Their hardware is definitely not cheap, but I am constantly blown away by Lulzbot support.

Onavo Protect seems not only phenomenally stupid (how the fuck did anyone at Facebook think this was a good idea?), but amazingly tone-deaf as well.

Super into Altered Carbon. I love everything about it.

3D printing is the Dark Souls or hobbies.

3D printing is the most fun I've had with a new hobby in ages.

Looks like Google has disabled Jabber federation on Hangouts. I can no longer see any of my friends from my non-Google XMPP server, as of this morning.

Japan is absolutely as crazy and weird and awesome as I’d hoped.

@hergertme Moving the conversation over here - I was able to work around it by setting LD_PRELOAD to an older libcrypto, but man, what a disappointing experience out of the box. App launches (yay!) and then I typed some text into a box and the app crashes hard with an OpenSSL error (booooo).

Amazon's Echo devices are, like, Star Trek-future cool.

Anybody got any experience with the Dell U3415W?

I printed a little PCB vise yesterday and it fucking rules.

I discovered that my Linux machine can act as a Bluetooth speaker, and that's pretty fucking cool. All my good audio hardware is plugged into my Linux workstation already.)