Insect photo 

Praying mantis chilling earlier today. Nope, Elite: Dangerous

Anybody know how to terminate OM3 fiber? I have a bunch of OM3 cable here, but no idea what I need to actually use it.

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Me to people who return to Mastodon whenever Twitter fucks up somehow

well, now that I've got mastodon upgraded, it's time to break everything and move it all into kubernetes

@noahbradley It might be because I’ve been playing a lot of Battle Chasers: Nightwar lately, but man, this looks very Battle Chasers to me. Have you read the comic?

@scanlime I remember a time when “webmaster” was a job title I legit aspired to.

@staticsafe Okay, for a second I was questioning my sanity

@staticsafe so it’s not a Dresden Files reference? Aww.

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i used to think batman was the best superhero until i grew up and realized that the villains were the actually interesting part of that franchise. so the real best superhero is obviously spider-man right

videogame microreview 

The best review I can offer for the new Spider-man game:

I think this might be the closest to euphoria I've ever experienced in a game. Swinging around NYC is genuinely delightful, combat is solid, and the writing is hit-or-miss (but when it hits… I had to pause the game to wipe away tears a few times).

I want to see a Korean horror film where the villain waits for victims to go to sleep, and then turns on a fan in their bedroom.

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